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Staging services for Realtors & Builders

Get more potential buyers through the front door

A goal of agents and builders is to sell homes quickly and for as much money as possible. With so much competition, your home can easily get lost in the sea of listings across the web. With our expertise, personal attention to detail and exceptional customer service, we’ve helped countless industry professionals realize this success.

Benefits of working with a professional stager

for Realtors

  • Brands YOU as a savvy marketer - one who goes over and above to “wow” your Sellers
  • Frees up your time because staged homes typically sell faster than non-staged homes
  • Get more showings with fabulous photos that will help your listings stand out online

for Builders

  • Model homes help you sell those empty lots much faster, reducing your carrying costs
  • We maximize all your hard work with our finishing touches
  • We make challenging layouts work so that buyers can see where to place their furniture

Occupied Home Staging

Create an impactful first impression to sell your home for more with our expert guidance geared towards maximizing value and a tailored solution for a stunning listing that attracts buyers.

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Vacant, Model & Spec Home Staging

In the world of home construction, a captivating model home is essential. Laurie Mattson Interiors specializes in creating remarkable model home experiences.

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Occupied Home Staging

Welcome to Laurie Mattson Interiors – Your Key to Real Estate Success!

In today’s competitive real estate world, standing out is crucial and listings must captivate potential buyers immediately. We understand how to position a house to appeal to buyers, which is why we’ve helped realtors close hundreds of millions of dollars in the Twin City area since 2007.

Why Choose Us for Your Visual Marketing Plan?

  • First Impressions: We excel at creating captivating spaces that instantly draw in prospective buyers, leaving them eager to explore further.
  • Tailored Solutions: We work closely with you to create a custom visual marketing plan that suits your property's unique charm and target audience.
  • Maximize Value: Our track record shows that properties staged by us sell faster and at higher prices, a game-changer in today's competitive market.
  • Expert Guidance: Our seasoned team will guide you on color schemes, furniture placement, and décor choices to create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers.
  • Photography Excellence: Expect stunning listing photos that attract more clicks, showings, and offers.
  • Save Time and Energy: Let us handle the heavy lifting, freeing you to focus on selling properties and serving your clients.
  • Boost Your Reputation: Partner with Laurie Mattson Interiors to enhance your reputation as a Realtor who goes the extra mile for each listing.

To get started, schedule a complimentary Discovery Call to see if a Visual Marketing Plan Consultation is right for you and experience the transformative power of our expertise. Consultations start at $300 for up to 2 hours of expert guidance. Additional hours if needed $150/hour.

Don't settle for the ordinary. Elevate your listings, impress your clients, and outshine your competition with Laurie Mattson Interiors.

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Full Home Staging Project
Sold in 10 days on market with $1.6M listing price



Our Results

Full Home Staging Project

Sold in 7 days on the market for $2.4 million dollars with 3 full-priced offers.



Full Home Staging Project

On the market 400+ days before home staging.
Sold after 2 days on the market after home staging was complete.


Home Staging


Vacant, Model & Spec Homes

Elevate Your Model Home with Expert Staging

In the world of home construction, a captivating model home is essential. Laurie Mattson Interiors specializes in creating remarkable model home experiences.

Why Choose Us for Model Home Staging?

  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS: We excel at crafting spaces that inspire,ensuring your model homes immediately engage potential buyers.
  • TAILORED SOLUTIONS: We customize staging to complement your unique property, appealing to your target market.
  • VALUE MAXIMIZATION: Our staged model homes sell faster and at higher prices, showcasing your properties' potential.
  • EXPERT GUIDANCE: We guide you on design elements that resonate with buyers, making them envision their dream life in your homes.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY EXCELLENCE: Our staging ensures stunning photos that attract more buyers.
  • TIME-EFFICIENT: We handle the details, freeing your time for construction and showcasing.
  • ENHANCED REPUTATION: Partnering with us elevates your builder reputation, signifying your commitment to excellence.

Ready to make your model homes shine? Start by scheduling a Complimentary Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit to schedule a Vacant Consultation.

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Additional Services

Unlock the full potential of your space

Color Consultations

Paint can work wonders, and choosing the right color can be a game-changer. We've mastered the art of selecting the perfect shades to enhance your home's appeal. Say goodbye to dull walls and hello to "money in a can." Let us help you find your money color!

Selection Services

Feeling overwhelmed by choices when it comes to light fixtures, furniture, or decor? Relax! Our team is here to lend a helping hand. We'll assist you in making selections that perfectly match your style and elevate your space to new heights.

Staged to Live

Not planning to sell your home, or moving to a new home? No problem! This service is designed to breathe new life into your living space. We'll work with what you already have and transform your home into a haven that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Photo Prep

Bolster your market presence with strong photos—let our team focus on the finer details to ensure your property truly shines.
Starts at $300 for up to 2 hours of expert guidance.
Additional hours if needed $150/hour

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"As a high-end real estate agent, my partnership with Laurie since 2013 has significantly contributed to my success. Laurie’s Visual Marketing Plan Consultations and meticulous attention to detail consistently enhance the “wow’ factor and perceived value of m listings."
Aaron Lowe, Compass
"Laurie has the remarkable ability to turn my listings from ordinary to extraordinary. After Laurie’s expertise came into play, a previous listed property that had lingered on the market for over 400 days was sold in just 28 days."
Brian Benson, Compass
"Laurie did a great job redesigning our great room! The new furniture she selected and the new layout made my room feel cozy and inviting while still having the touch of elegance. The attention to detail was superb!"
- Marilyn Thompson, Value Plus Flooring
"We have hired Laurie many times to stage our model homes (75+ model homes) in the Twin Cities since 2013...she does a great job with bringing our models/specs to life to show how they can be lived in by our customers who walk through them. Thanks, Laurie, for everything you do and continue to do!"
- Jeremy Skogquist, NIH Homes

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