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"Laurie redid almost all of our common spaces. She has a great eye for finding the hidden gems that would otherwise be over looked. She made sure everything was fitting to our style and pulled it all together with specific accent pieces. I would recommend her to anyone who was looking to hire an interior designer. We are constantly getting compliments on our re-done areas and we couldn't be happier with it."
- Evon I.
"We have worked with Laurie Mattson for many years and find her very professional! Laurie has an incredible sense of style and concept of design. We love working with her and would recommend her to anyone!"
- Cary & Barb Fritsvold
"We are so thrilled with Laurie we are return clients! Shortly before Covid we used her services to design our vacation beach home tv/living area with an open air feeling. I wanted plenty of seating, and a fireplace, while my husband wanted a large screen television he could have! Laurie did it all with her expertise and vision and we are thrilled! Our next project with Laurie was our ocean front balcony...again she was amazing. Her designs were so wonderful and practical yet everything we wanted! She is not only an awesome designer but she is kind, professional, honest, AND adorable and fun to work with....and patient! You will love her and her designs!"
- Karen & Tom Borba
"I love how the family room and living room turned out, both look stunning!! Working with Laurie was a great experience, she is very professional and a talented designer!"
- Graciela
"Laurie did a great job helping us with our project as we built out a kitchen/living room/bathroom as part of our garage condo. She really helped us realize our vision for the space and the end result is fantastic!"
- Julie & Joe Moreau
"My husband and I were moving into a new home with a more modern decor than we'd had in the past and felt we needed someone with experience to help point us in the right direction. Laurie was so awesome to work with! What started out as a few main rooms ended up being the whole house. We were so impressed with her eye for color and design that we knew we could not stop at a couple rooms. Laurie offered us several choices for furnishings, carpet, wall colors (even exterior paint colors!) and we chose from there. She chose things that we felt were reasonably priced and created just the feel we were looking for. She worked with the few must haves that we had and really pulled together a lovely home. We could not be happier!"
- Tami & Gene Champeau
"I have had the pleasure of working with Laurie for the past 5+ years. She has a keen eye for design and the extra added elements to make every space look immaculate! Her sense of style is interchangeable based on her canvas, which makes her one of the best! Laurie, I love your fun and spunky attitude and the excitement you bring to each project. I look forward to working with you for many years to come!"
- Tara Leonard
"Laurie is amazing! I hired her to help stage both mine and my sister’s homes prior to going on the market. She had great suggestions of items to buy to help stage as well as how to use the current items in the home and what to remove. My sister’s home sold the first showing. My house just hit the market again after trying to sell with renters in the home (extremely cluttered and not presented well). It's winter now, been on the market less than 30 days and had 10 showings with great feedback. We are anticipating that it will sell soon. Laurie does a great job telling you what the most important aspects is to focus on and where to spend your time and money. I had bought a couple of pictures and they weren't ideal size-wise but she figured out a way to work with them. I ended up changing them after she had been at the house but she had explained the process and what she was trying to achieve so well that I put it together easily. She's talented, easy to work with, has a great eye and is very flexible. After I sell my house, I'm going to have her come help me with my current home."
- Mary Cunningham
"Laurie recently decorated our living room and we are extremely pleased with the outcome. She transformed the space into exactly what we'd hoped for. She took a lot of time to get to know our style preferences and, more importantly, how we use the space. We have really enjoyed working with Laurie. She's professional, organized, efficient, and very nice. We highly recommend her and would not hesitate to use her again."
- Tony & Lisa Moore
"We had a great experience with Laurie the first time around and asked us to help us when we took on redoing our kitchen and updating the color palette of the house. The first time around she came up with some very creative designs for our master bedroom bathroom remodel. She is very easy to work with and doesn't hesitate to provide a variety of options that you may not have thought of or imagined would work together. We would work with her again!"
- Darcy & Steve Roessler
"If you are looking to refresh your space or create a beautiful environment, look no further. I love what Laurie accomplished with our home. She was able to see things in a way that no one else could. She listened to what we needed and proceeded to create the perfect space."
- Karen McDonald
"We met Laurie about 6 years ago and had her help us stage the house we were putting on the market. She had such great ideas to make our rooms look bigger as well with furniture layout. We hired her for a session, took notes and did what she said. The house sold quickly, and we were very happy. We asked for her help again when we were remodeling our next home. She walked through the plans with us and made suggestions (turn the island the other direction, remove that wall, etc.), helped us pick out paint colors (how do you match grey and brown?), what size furniture to buy, how to lay out the rooms, organize the shelving units, etc. During our “welcome to our new home” open house, everyone kept asking me what color paint was on the walls - it's literally the perfect match. We are now on the hunt for new furniture and who did I call? Yes, of course, I called Laurie. She is kind, easy to work with and just an overall genuinely great human being. Thanks Laurie - your design makes me love my house! So does everyone who comes to visit!"
- Mary Steelye
"What can I say about Laurie?! So much! She is a kind person and an amazing designer to partner with. I find her number one attribute to be her ability to make the process fun and enjoyable, while also bringing a unique design flair to the table. Her eye for color, pattern, and balance is exceptional - as one can see in the rooms she designs. Her friendly face, smile, and sense of humor are refreshing. She's such a delight to work with! Watching Laurie with her clients, I see them believe in her concepts, choices and easily give their full trust. Laurie is understanding, light-hearted has loads of fun, and has a way with her clients. Laurie is easy to collaborate with and an all-star all around. I would recommend her to anyone looking to redesign their spaces; especially to those looking for a fresh twist in updating their interiors."
- Tiffani Sluppick